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Cat6 Solid Patch Cable

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Category 6 Solid Patch Cable; Choose Color, Length, Optional Boot, and Optional Serialization Cat6 Solid Patch Cable
Usually ships within 2 days
Protocol: 1000BaseT
P1: RJ45
P2: RJ45
Length: Feet
Base #:SC-9140-8   SKU #:
Unit Price:
Optional FREE Serialization!
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Note: This Cat6 straight-thru patchcord features a one-piece connector with strain relief clamp that makes it extremely durable.

  • Lifetime warranty!
  • Free serialization!
  • Individually bagged for easy handling!
The flexible snagless boot provides protection for the RJ45 clip and helps prevent tangles.
  • Allows for 1000BaseT (Gigabit) transmission speeds over copper when used with Cat6 compliant hardware.
  • Conductive load bar helps reduce Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT), improving data integrity.
  • Cat6 cable is backward compatible with Cat3, Cat5, and Cat5e.
  • Solid cable can be used for all lengths up to 100 meters (328 feet), and is required for lengths longer than 25 feet per Category 6 specifications.
  • Stranded cable (see below) may be more durable in shorter runs where the cable will undergo repeated flexing.
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Category 6 Patch Cable; Choose Color, Length, Optional Boot, and Optional Serialization
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