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KIV-21 Black Encryption Cables

Stonewall Cable manufactures KIV-21 Black cables to connect encryption devices to any compatible OEM device. All cables are available in custom length and tested twice for 100% reliability.

  1. KIV-21 Black to RS-530 DCE

    KIV-21 Black to RS-530 DCE

    KIV-21 Black Encryption Cables • *SC-7811-a

    KIV-21 Black (DB37) to RS-530 DCE (DB25); Choose Any Length, and Jacket (Standard PVC, Fire Rated Plenum, or Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

We manufacture many encryption cables that are not yet available for online purchase. If you don't see the encryption cable you need, please call 800-525-3303 or e-mail us for assistance.




Encryption - Red vs. Black

Encryption Explanation

Red refers to the unencrypted side, usually from a router to the encryption device transmitting unencrypted data.

Black refers to the encrypted side, usually from the encryption device to a DSU/CSU transmitting encrypted data.