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Category 5 Cables, Bulk Cable & Components

A complete line including Cat5 patch cables, Cat5 crossover cables, Cat5 bulk cable, connectors and tooling. All cable assemblies are available in any length!



Solid or Stranded?

Cat5 Solid Cable is recommended for all horizontal runs, between wiring closets, and for lengths over 25 feet. Maximum recommended length is 100 meters (328 feet). It should not be flexed.

Cat5 Stranded Cable is built to withstand the repeated flexing, common in PC to wallplate applications, without damage to inner conductors. Because of higher attenuation it is recommended for short runs of 25 feet or less.


Plenum Rated?

Plenum rated cable is generally required in all air returns, dropped ceilings and public buildings. Fire codes vary from area to area, if unsure check with your local Fire Marshall.